Welcome!  My name is Ansley Pentz, and I’m a University of Florida journalism alumna, a restless adventurer, a big dreamer and a real bad dancer.

I write a heck of a lot.  I currently work as the marketing assistant at the Hippodrome Theatre.  You may have seen my name and byline a few other places, too:  I served as a staff writer and the university editor at , the largest student-run newspaper in the U.S.; worked as the public relations assistant at UF’s Digital Worlds Institute; completed a communications internship at ; and worked as a marketing assistant for Feather Magazine.

Last summer, I jumped across the pond, where I catalogued my misadventures at ansleyacrosstheatlantic.wordpress.com.  Since then, I’ve collected passport stamps and stories about open-container laws, losing toothbrushes in airports and finding friends with foreign accents. (I’ve also blogged at Gals of Gainesville, which is an embarrassing — but (somewhat endearingly) feminist — look at the writer I used to be.)

If you have a question, a job offer or a dang good pun, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at ansley.pentz@gmail.com.




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