Gift Guide 2014: Decoding Secret Santa Lists

On the surface, it seems like Santa is living the dream—eating cookies every day, picking out gifts and watching ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas.” That’s all when he’s not making his list, of course. (Or checking it twice.)

Depending on your job or organizations you’re in, you get to step into his shoes during the holidays for Secret Santa and suddenly discover that being Santa is not the cushy career you thought it was.

You’re inevitably given some stranger’s cryptic, scribbled list of answers to questions like, “What’s your fave color? Fave animal? Fave food?” The list reads, “pink <3<3,” “ummmm… Shetland pony? hahahahaha,” and “cupcakes. duh.” So, your only option becomes getting your newest gal pal a pink, cupcake-flavored Shetland pony.

If you were actually Kris Kringle, you’d have a list of what this girl wants most and not be racking your brain for ideas. Fortunately, you have Feather and we know how to crack the Secret Santa code by shopping for personality type instead of relying on some vague scribbles on a piece of paper. (Yes, you can throw that list away now.)

Read the rest of the list here.


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