Project crowdfunds to store homeless people’s identifying documents online

St. Francis House resident Scott LeValley has two things that show who he is: a social security card and a driver’s license.

“I don’t keep any documents,” LeValley, 53, said. “I think very few people around here do.”

He has no birth certificate. No voter ID. No insurance card. No picture of him with his children.

“It’s hard to get those documents if they were lost along the way,” said Mark Watson, the social security and benefits advocate for the homeless at Three Rivers Legal Services, which helps the elderly, homeless and poor.

Watson is raising money on IndieGogo, a crowdfunding website, for a project that would help homeless people scan and store their documents and information on a cloud-based storage system, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If the project raises enough money to cover the cost of a laptop and a portable scanner and laminator, LeValley would be able to scan his social security card into a personal, online account.  

Secured there, it wouldn’t get wet, wrinkled, lost or stolen.

Read more here.


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