5 Brands That Celebrate Your True Beauty

After shopping for new spring clothes and flipping through our favorite magazines, we can feel less inspired and more like we’re not good enough.

Even though we know that Photoshop transforms normal girls into superhumans, it doesn’t make us feel any better about ourselves. The standard of beauty is still unattainably high, where edited fashion advertisements are considered more beautiful than real imperfections. Women can feel expectations to seem flawless, but we want you to see the beauty in your flaws.

Thankfully, there are a few body-positive companies that are dedicated to showing women of all shapes, sizes, ages and skin tones. These companies, their models and their products remind us that we should strive to be happier—not skinnier, curvier or prettier.

You’re already beautiful, and these brands can help you feel that way.

Read more here.


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