Resident responds to tree removal at UF bat house

These trees stand apart from the others. 

Despite being encircled in a jungle of smaller trees, shrubs and vines, about 20 pines tower over the UF Bat House Woods Conservation Area. 

But soon, nine of these decades-old, almost 80-feet-tall pines will be chopped down to allow more sunlight onto the seventh hole of UF’s golf course in the winter.

One of the trees’ neighbors, Rod McGalliard, said he isn’t happy about it. 

“These (trees) are giants,” the 67-year-old UF alumnus said.  “You look around campus and see if you find another pine tree that size.”

McGalliard and his wife, Kim Tanzer, live in the Golfview community, which is bordered by the bat houses, conservation area and the UF golf course.

“If you can cut down these trees in the nature conservation area,” he said, “what else can you do to it?”

The area is supposed to be protected, McGalliard said. He cited UF’s Conservation Area Land Management Plan, which said the region is to be preserved because of its “relatively undisturbed natural character and its proximity to Lake Alice.”

Read more here.

Photo was published on the front page, taken by me.


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