Tree experts: UF golf course pines don’t need to be chopped

The loblolly pines in the Bat House Woods conservation area are surrounded by smaller trees, shrubs, critters and a growing army of support.

UF originally planned to cut down nine of the mature pines to allow more light to filter onto the UF golf course’s seventh green, which borders the trees’ home in the conservation area. UF announced on June 11 it put the tree-removal process on hold, saying the almost-century-old trees would first be evaluated for disease.

After Kim Tanzer and her husband, Rod McGalliard, heard the news, they called three local tree experts to determine the condition of the trees. The experts unanimously said the trees are healthy, according to written statements from arborists Meg Niederhofer and Erick Smith, and City of Gainesville Tree Advisory Board member Joe Durando.  

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes wrote in an email that there is no update on the status of the trees as of press time, and she does not have a timeline for when the university will evaluate them.

Read more here.


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