UF alumna Gabby recovering after crash

Reid Hall maintenance workers brought balloons, a card and two stuffed tigers to Michelle Molden-Sevison.

The tigers were the first items her daughter, UF psychology alumna Gabriella Molden, held when she was strong enough to do so.

On June 15, Molden, 22, was riding her scooter without a helmet to work at UF Health Shands Hospital. She suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was hit by a turning vehicle at the intersection of Museum Road and Southwest 13th Street.

But now, four weeks after her accident, Gabby is able to FaceTime her sorority sisters and hug her family.

Molden-Sevison saw her daughter make small, day-by-day gains from the beginning.

“She has surprised the doctors,” she said. “She hasn’t surprised me.”

The tigers are one of the tokens that reminds Molden-Sevison of the “kindness of strangers,” she said.

“Every time I see her grab that little tiger, you know, I think of that moment when they knocked on the door with those for her,” Molden-Sevison said.

First, Gabby squeezed the tigers. Then, she mouthed “I love you.”  

And now, she laughs at inside jokes with UF alumna Kayla Hale, her roommate from sophomore to senior year.

“She’s like a living miracle,” said Hale, who was one of Gabby’s UF Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters.

Read more here.


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