As a part of my Visual Journalism class, I showcased my ability to use Adobe software to create this infographic in Adobe Illustrator.

JOU 3220 Ansley Pentz typography project

“Looking for Alaska” is one of my favorite books, so it was easy for me to decide to use this quote.

“We need never be hopeless,” John Green writes, “because we can never be irreparably broken.”

I chose to let this quote shine with a simple, sans-serif typeface.  It’s not a secret that I love clean, clear typefaces.  The simple curves of Marc Jacobs’ logo, the simplicity of Elle Magazine’s website, the sophisticated look of the headlines on my Alligator stories — I love that calmness.

This quote has the potential to be dark and depressing.  The entire book is a little dark and depressing.  It’s hopeful, but it’s also sad and heartbreaking.  I didn’t want my poster to be like that.  I wanted it to be calm and collected and playful and meaningful.

To do this, I played with not only the typeface but also the sizes of the words.  The word “never” is larger, highlighting its significance to the quote.  The letters of the word “broken” also stand out.  They are bold, a chunkier, stronger font with more impact.

In addition to making “broken” larger, I broke the text.  I wanted people to see the message, to feel what it was trying to convey.  I didn’t want this to be pretty and sweet.  After playing around with cursive fonts and curls, I realized that it didn’t feel right.

But I still didn’t want it to be too dark and sad.  Instead, I used warm colors, a neutral orangey tan, a sunny yellow and a hearth-like red.  I wanted the poster to feel hopeful, and I think that cooler colors would have made it sterile and uninviting.

To make the poster more cohesive, I added a border, hand-drawn flower (a motif in the book) and a band-aid.  I also repaired a broken letter with a heart.

With these elements, I think I illustrated what John Green wrote, and I am proud of my work.


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