UF’s College of Medicine Achieves Highest-Ever Ranking

The University of Florida’s College of Medicine received its highest-ever ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s annual report of the nation’s best research medical schools.

This year, the college ranked 40th out of the country’s 141 medical schools with M.D. programs, said Dr. Michael Good, dean of the College of Medicine. The ranking is up three spots from last year.

The rankings, which were released Wednesday, take into account assessments from leaders of American medical schools, such as deans, associate deans and program directors, Good said. U.S. News & World Report also looks at how much grant money the National Institutes of Health gives medical schools, along with how active faculty members are in conducting research.

“Our peers across the nation are seeing — increasingly — the quality of our education and the quality of our research programs,” Good said.

Good said the ranking is important because it shows that UF Health Shands Hospital is using the best approaches to health care.

The college’s research can impact those who come to the hospital seeking care, Good said. He noted a College of Medicine neurologist who received a grant in 2013 that provided money for pediatric brain cancer research, which could directly help young patients who come to UF Health.

High research rankings also matter to some UF pre-medical students — undergraduate students who plan to apply to medical school.

“It definitely means something to me because research is very important in the medical field,” said Ediel Almeida, a UF biology sophomore on the pre-med track.

Read more here.


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