From the gym to a lecture

Susan Robell has been treated for gingivitis all her life.

That’s why she went to an Oak Hammock seminar called “Floss for Your Life: the Connection Between Dental Plaque and Systemic Health,” which was given through Oak Hammock’s Institute for Learning in Retirement. At the seminar, which was taught by Ann Progulske-Fox, Ph.D., the director of the department of oral biology program in the UF College of Dentistry, Robell learned about how gingivitis can affect a person’s overall health.

The purpose of Oak Hammock’s Institute for Learning in Retirement program is to engage its retired community members in enriching, educational and stimulating daily classes, said Sara Lynn McCrea, director of community services at Oak Hammock at the University of Florida. More than 550 North Florida seniors participate in the program.

McCrea said the program started in 2002, two years before Oak Hammock opened. At the time, small classes were held around Gainesville, and they were well-received by community members.
Most of the program’s classes are taught by UF professors, either active or retired. The professors enjoy teaching residents because they’re invested in learning, McCrea said.

“Their first comment is, ‘It’s so interesting to present to people who are truly interested,’” she said.

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