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Florida School Suspensions Down; Local Schools Mirror Trend

This story was originally published on WUFT’s website.

Florida schools are suspending fewer students.

According to Florida Department of Education data, Florida K-12 school suspensions are at a three-year low.  During the 2011-2012 school year, more than 425,600 students were suspended.  That dropped to fewer than 371,500 students in the 2013-2014 school year.


UF’s College of Medicine Achieves Highest-Ever Ranking

This story was originally published on WUFT’s website.

The University of Florida’s College of Medicine received its highest-ever ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s annual report of the nation’s best research medical schools.

This year, the college ranked 40th out of the country’s 141 medical schools with M.D. programs, said Dr. Michael Good, dean of the College of Medicine. The ranking is up three spots from last year.

Florida Schools Strengthen Bullying Policies Ahead of House Bill

This story was originally published on WUFT’s website.

All of Florida’s K-12 school districts are now required to review bullying and harassment policies more frequently to ensure they are completely comprehensive and up-to-date.

On Monday, Florida House Bill 229 passed, requiring districts to review the policies at least every three years. This would allow districts to update policies, accounting for new and evolving forms of bullying, like cyberbullying.

Florida Standards Assessment Issued Online for Second Consecutive Year

This story was originally published on WUFT’s website.

Florida students will not need paper and pencils for some of their standardized tests this spring.

For the second year, Florida Standards Assessments will be administered online to public school students across the state. Students will start taking the proctored FSA tests at the end of the month.

Why The Florida Lotto Isn’t Enough For Public Education

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From gamblers to grandmas, millions of Floridians play the Florida lottery.

About a quarter of that lottery money goes to education funds, which benefit K-12 schools, state universities and colleges.

Why Is Florida Seeing Fewer Flu Cases?

This story was originally published on WUFT’s website.

This flu season, you might have noticed fewer people using their sick days.

There have been significantly fewer flu cases this season than there were last season, said Dr. Nicole Iovine, a University of Florida Health doctor who specializes in infectious diseases.

Graduate Assistants United negotiates contracts

This story was originally published in the first Fall edition of the Alligator.

Ioannis Ziogas challenged UF administrators to imagine taking care of a child on a graduate assistant’s salary — a salary he says is below the poverty level.

Ziogas, a political science graduate assistant, is a member of the UF Graduate Assistants United labor union, which met with three UF administrators Wednesday to discuss this year’s contract negotiations.